Species: Polar Bear
Gender: Female
Book Appearances
Appears in: The First Collier (only mentioned), The Coming of Hoole, To Be a King'
Previously named Second; given her a new name due to the request of Siv to Svenka

Anka was a female polar bear, Svenka and Svarr's daughter.


The First Collier

Anka, called at the beginning Second, was indeed the second to be born in the Svenka’s offspring. After her birth, arrived also a third cub, which however died soon after being born.

The Coming of Hoole

Second, received her real name with her brother, First, earlier than expected (without having waited the customary three months) thanks to the request made to their mum by Siv. So, she was called Anka, and her brother Rolf.

Anka, with her family, met again Siv on the Dark Fowl Island. Just in that occasion, she and her brother discovered that Dunleavy MacHeath had landed there. So they called their mother and the auntie. Svenka e Siv, put MacHeath to sleep with the Bingle Juice, and asked to Anka and Rolf to control he, while they talked about helping the wolf or not.

To Be a King

Anka’s family came to know of the death of Siv through Theo, who was there looking for spies for the Hoole’s plan. The bad news about their friend shocked them a lot, so they were consulate by Theo.

Then, he explained them why he was there, and asked Svenka to gather as much information as possible. Finally Anka and her brother waved Theo, while he left again in search of Svarr, a useful spy.

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