Aude was a an old male Snowy Owl from the Shadow Forest, in a time centuries before Soren, who had a reputation as a tree healer.

He was visited one night during the season of the Golden Rain by Pollianne the female Barn Owl and Hildeth the female Spotted Owl, both from the Ga'Hoolology Chaw, who sought a cure for the Great Ga'Hoole Tree's unknown illness. Aude did not disappoint. He knew at once the name and nature of the malady. To Hildeth and Pollianne he uttered two words that meant the Blackfire Mushrooms. After he described the fungus's nature, Aude claimed that blackfire had not been seen in Southern Kingdoms in hundreds of years.

He told them that the cure was a potion made from a herb called Lyssop, but he had none of it and had not even seen it in the area since he was an owlet. Pollianne and Hildeth rushed away to give this news to their fellow chaw members.

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