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Aunt Agatha was the great-aunt of queen Siv from the time of legends (books 9,10, and 11).

She was terribly wounded in a catastrophic encounter with hagsfiends. During the battle both of her wings were horribly maimed.

She had been a superb worrior but would never be able to fly position of first ice sliver again. Nevertheless, she healed enough to return to combat. This time as a commander of the ice scimitar brigade.

She devoloped superb talon technique with the a reverse ice scimitar, a very oddly shaped weapon that was perfectly suited for peculiar wing configurations like hers.

Aunt Agatha's amazing courage and determination inspired the famous Krakish motto: "Cintura Vrulcrum, Niykah Kronig," meaning "Every wound a new opportunity, every curse a new challenge."

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