Flying foxes and vampire bats are seen as Metal Beak's deadliest servants.

Role in the movie

The film first shows bats when Soren is forced to place a fleck on a scale on a pile of flecks. As Soren's gizzard begins to be affected by the flecks' energy, a vampire bat cautiously creeps forward, snatches the fleck away from Soren, and places it on the scale. With the scale apparently full, the vampire bat screeches to signal a large fruit bat, who swoops in through a window and carries the load of flecks away to the main fleck containers.

Later, when Allomere betrays the Guardians, a duo of flying foxes ambush them from the rocks. Equipped with steel blades attached to their wings, the bats engage the guardians. However, they soon prove to simply be a distraction, and the Guardians are forced to the ground as the flecks' full power is released. Nyra is then ordered by Metal Beak to finish the Guardians, upon which she calls to a huge swarm of vampire bats, who stream from the caves to attack.

When Soren and his friends arrive, they attack the vampire bats and manage hold them off for a little while. However, the bats soon get past them; they enter the fleck trap and begin closing in on the Guardians. Soren, however, then disables the trap with a flaming pot, freeing the Guardians and forcing the bats to retreat. Metal Beak watches this happen, and assuming that Soren and his friends were guardians and Allomere had lied, Metal Beak orders him killed. Immediately, a pack of flying foxes swarms over Allomere, overpowering him and dragging him away into the caves.


The bats are portrayed as being dark, vicious and mysterious allies of the Pure Ones. They seem to use numbers to overwhelm their enemies, shown when a whole pack of them attacked and easily overpowered Allomere, who was a very large and powerful Great Grey Owl. They never speak, though they do make typical bat sounds; shrieks, screeches, snarls and clicks.


  • Although in real life owls are usually a bat's natural predators, the bats seem more than willing to attack the guardians and Soren's friends. They also are able to easily overpower Allomere, though it should be noted that they did have the element of surprise on their side.
  • The bats are completely immune to the power of the flecks, due to their lack of gizzards.
  • In the movie, there are creatures from all over the world; vampire bats, which are from South America, Tasmanian Devils, which are from Australia, dingoes (mentioned by Digger), also from Australia, and many species of owl from North America.