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Berwyck, a male Boreal owl, or Aegolius Funereus, was Hoole and Grank’s friend and a member of the Glauxian Brothers. He who tutored Hoole for a brief period of time before setting out on his pilgram's journey during the time of The Legends of Ga'Hoole. Grank never told him that Hoole was a prince; Berwyck thought that Hoole was another orphan of the wars in the Northen Kingdoms.


The Coming of Hoole

Brother Berwyck, a Glauxian Brother in the island of the Bitter Sea, is intrigued by some smoke that he sees hovering in the air in the other side of the island. So he go to see what could be, and discover the presence of Grank, Theo and Hoole. He soon makes friends with them, but especially with Hoole, at which also taught how to fish. Then a day, during a fishing trip, Hoole asked him how he came to the world. So brother Berwyck explain to him that he hatched form an egg and that it takes two owls to make an egg, a male and a female. But also tells him, don't wanting, that he could be an orphan whose parents died. Hoole, heard this, upsets a bit, but soon recover. After, he confess to Berwyck that he feel to have a mother, wich loves really much, and that somewhat saw her (referring to his experiences with the visions in the fire). At the end of the speech, Hoole make promise to Berwyck to not tell to anyone of this. Berwyck promises him that, and tells him don't be warry becouse his love was enough for everyone.

After few days Berwyck goes on pilgrimage and greets Hoole.


Coming Soon!

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