Bhachtyr the Destroyer, known simply as Bhachtyr, was and is a sort of devil figure, or anti-Glaux to owls. He is also one of the Sacred Forces, or animal spirits, the others being Glaux, Lapine, Ursa, Lupus, Ursus, and others. He is viewed as the possible Lord of Hagsmire. Books and other paraphernalia that are often viewed as "spronk" are called "anti-Glaux" objects, meaning they may have or may be thought of as being realted to Bhachtyr.

Symbol of Bhachtyr

His symbol is a double crescent shape, similar to the shape claws make when raking flesh. This symbol has been viewed as being capable of scarring a mind and gizzard, making one go yeep, among other things. The symbol was later used by Bylyric as his insignia and insignia of the League of the Ice Talons. It was thought that this symbol would summon Bhactyr himself, and he would be in their favor when summoned. It is derived from a very ancient form of Krakish. During the time of the Pure Ones, they adopted it as their own insignia, calling it "The Pure Insignia" and became synonymous with the group, although they did not create it. The symbol was entirely abandoned following the War of the Ember, and it was thought of as outlawed.

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