Blue Bird
Species: White-winged Fairywren
Gender: Unknown
Book Appearances
Appears in: N/A
Movie Appearances
Appears in: Legend of the Guardians: The Owls Of Ga'hoole
In the movie, a White-winged Fairywren briefly makes an appearance, and is used by Nyra as part of a training exercise. Its feathers are overall cobalt blue with white wing edges, and it has orange eyes.


Legend of the Guardians

Nyra uses a blue bird to train Kludd and his peers, with the reward being that she will present the "most brilliant" solider to the High Tyto. She grabs the bird from a cage made of sticks and throws it into the air, prompting the young owls to chase it. Kludd dodges falling pebbles and throws a banner at two owls, downing them, in an attempt to catch up. At the last second, he pushes another owl aside and grabs the bird.

He flies back to Nyra with the bird in his talon. Nyra indicates that she doesn't want the bird back, and he releases it.


  • In the books owls are able to speak with other species of birds freely, while in the movie the blue bird simply chirps.


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