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Species: Whiskered Screech Owl (Otus trichopsis)
Gender: Male
Book Appearances
Appears in: Exile, Lost Tales of Ga'hoole
Head of the Brad

Braithe is a male Whiskered Screech Owl, or Megascops trichopsis, who’s the head of the Brad, a living library where owls memorize books. He was revealed to be Ezylryb's grandson in Lost Tales of Ga'Hoole.



Braithe and the other owls of the Place Of Living Books learn The Art Of Danyar and disguise themselves as Greenowls Of Ambala and attack the Blue Brigade on Balefire night to keep them from burning other owls.

Lost Tales of Ga'Hoole

Braithe began to have haunting dreams of Lil's Spots and of his father again. Earlier, he was left with a mystery of his father's disappearance and is somehow connected to the work of St. Aggie's. The only clue Braithe had was remnants of a letter sent to his mother. Based on the context, Braithe suspected fearfully that his father was an egg snatcher for St. Aggie's and Braithe himself hatched from a snatched egg. The thoughts distracted Braithe from telling the stories at the Brad, either by forgetting part of it or missing things out.

Later, he encountered the scroom of Ezylryb, weather interpretation ryb and former Lyze of Kiel. The scroom told that his father, Bo, was a good owl. Braithe found this hard to believe, based on what he read from the letter. As he interacted with Ezylryb's scroom, Braithe remembered that if changing or leaving parts of a story could change the whole thing, it might be the same for the letter. Ezylryb then told him of Hortense, who is actually Mist. Braithe went out to her.

Mist revealed to Braithe that although she didn't know his father, she got word that a whiskered screech codenamed 16-7 took over Mist's job as an infilitrator. One of her eagle guardians, Zan, got pieces of letter that fit with Braithe's fragments. Upon putting the letter together, Braithe realized that his da was a good owl and he's his real father.

As Braithe returned to his home, Ezylryb's scroom appeared to him again. He explained that Lil's Spots were inherited to Braithe through his father. Bo was also his son, which meant, as Braithe figured out, Ezylryb is his grandfather. As the scroom disappeared, Braithe kept him in his veins and mind. Because of this discovery, Braithe no longer forgot stories.

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