"That was a bit of alright flying back there, sport."

- Bryony to Shard after he rescued her from the Pure Ones

Bryony is a barn owl, or Tyto alba who appears in the Legend of the Guardians video game as the leader of the Resitance in Tyto Forest. She is one of the owls Shard rescues from the grasp of the Pure Ones. She is voiced by Jennifer Connelly.


Before the events of the video game, nothing is known of Bryony other than she has been leading a resistance against the Pure Ones for an unspecified amount of time.

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

She is rescued by Shard and Parzival when she and her resistance team are trapped in cages. All to lead up to the defeat of the Pure Ones, she helps Shard in learning combat techniques, rescuing owlets from the Pure Ones, putting out fires set on the tree, leading the survivors to a new outpost after the first is destroyed in a lightening storm, and finally bringing the attack to the Pure Ones base, driving out what few survive the attack.


  • While Bryony is a barn owl in the animation sequences in all gaming platforms, the in-game model of her, on the consoles, is depicted as a great horned owl.

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