Species: Snowy Owl
Gender: Male
Son: Jesper
Book Appearances
Appears in: A Guide Book to the Great Tree, Rise of a Legend
General of the Ice Talons
Bylyric, nicknamed the Orphan Maker, is a Snowy Owl and the general of the Ice Talons. He's the main antagonist of Rise of a Legend.

He chose the Symbol of Bachtyr as the insignia of the Ice Talons.


A Guide Book to the Great Tree

General Bylyric is the leader of the Ice Talons, the foremost enemy of the Kielian League when Ezylryb and Ifghar enrolled as cadets.

While recovering from an injury he received in combat, Ifghar asks Gragg to get him some new books to read. Among the books was A Treatise on Unification at the Foundation for Peace in the Northern Kingdoms, written by Bylyric. In it, Bylyric explained that the campaign of the Ice Talons was meant to unify the different regions of the Northern Kingdoms, and this unification would bring peace.

Ifghar, agreeing with Bylyric's philosophy, tries to explain to Ezylryb how the Keilian League can achieve peace. Ezylryb refuses to listen, taking away Ifghar's battle claws. Ifghar resolves to go and speak with Bylyric himself, looking out for his big brother.

Rise of a Legend

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