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Owlets often had several ceremonies during their first weeks in the nest—one ceremony after the other.

List of Ceremonies

Below are the list of common ceremonies for owlets and the reason for celebration. They are commonly called the "Firsts".

  • First Seeing Ceremony - an owlet opening his/her eyes
  • First Insect/Worm Ceremony - first insect or worm for the owlet
  • First Down Ceremony - first downy feathers sprout from the owlets skin
  • First Meat Ceremony - first meat from a prey
  • First Molting Ceremony - an owlet that experienced first molting
  • First Fur-on-Meat Ceremony - eating meat with the fur on it.
  • First Meat-on-Bones Ceremony - eating the meat along with the bones, provides chance to yarp a first pellet
  • First Flight Ceremony - the first time an owlet flies on its own
  • First Prey Ceremony - when the owl catches his or her first prey.
  • First Moss Ceremony - a fun one for young owls that have them find the softest mosses for their hollows

Own-made Ceremonies

These "ceremonies" are often just practices that are to be done by one's own rules. Such are often made by opressors and controllers.

Numbering Ceremony

This "ceremony" is practiced at St. Aggies. This involves giving an owlet a number in place of his or her name.

Naming Ceremony

When a new recruit joins the Pure Ones' ranks, the High Tyto would give them a new name of the Tytonic Empire.


See Tupsi for details.

Guardian Ceremony

When an owl at the Great Ga'Hoole Tree recites the Oath of the Guardians and becomes a Guardian of Ga'Hoole.

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