Chaw Practice is required of all owls and owlets before he/she is chawed.

Chaw Fundamentals

Young owlets always begin their education with Chaw Fundamentals. Here, owls learn knowledge that every chaw member should have. These classes are required, and must be completed before an owl is chawed.

Remedial Flight Lab and Power Flight

Beginner Search-and-Rescue Techniques

Winds and Things

Introductory Celestial Navagation

Basic Care and Maintenace of the Great Tree

Common Metals and Their Uses

Tracking Birds and Small Land Animals

The Lives of Forest Fires

Advanced Chaw Practice

Once an owl is chawed, his or her mission is to master this chosen field. These are a small smapling of classes on can study.

Owl Studies: Gizzard Matters

The Natural History of the Great Tree

Advanced Battle-Claw Fighting Techniques

Ga'Hoolian History

Fire and Ice Weapons

Owl Studies: The Healing Arts


Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Other Weather Phenomena

Independent Study and Exchange Program

Years later, Owls gain their guardian Staus through the Guardian Oath.

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