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Cody was a creamy male dire wolf pup maimed by Dunleavy MacHeath for the intention of placing him in the Sacred Watch who would patrol the Sacred Ring in Beyond the Beyond.


The Outcast

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The Golden Tree

Cody escaped from being slaughtered by Dunleavy MacHeath and his new mate Brygdylla after their transformation into vyrwolves. His reason was that a maimed pup was worthless to them. When the owls and dire wolves conspire to attack the MacHeaths, who have allied themselves with Nyra, Cody is the one designated to steal the Book of Kreeth for the purpose of eliminating the possiblity of Nyra wielding nachtmagen against them. Cody, however, was killed in the battle by a slash to the neck but succeeded in securing the book. His mother, Gyllbane, was heartbroken when she saw her son lying on top of the book but she found joy in the fact that she witnessed his spirit travel on the star trail and arrive at the Cave of Souls.

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