Duncan MacDuncan
Gray Wolf (Canis lupus)
Species: Dire wolf
Gender: Male
Cathmor MacDuncan
Liam MacDuncan
Book Appearances
Appears in: Lone Wolf, Shadow Wolf

Duncan MacDuncan was the leader of the MacDuncan clan of dire wolves in Beyond the Beyond. It is mentioned that he once had a dark gray coat, though it's turned almost white with age. He later dies of old age in the Wolves of the Beyond Series.


The Outcast

When Coryn arrives in The Beyond , he is accepted by Duncan into the clan.  There, he befriends a young gnaw wolf named Hamish , who later becomes his best friend and 501st Fengo.  The MacDuncans go to the MacHeath clan's territory, where they discover Nyra has been trying to recruit them for her cause.  He is presumably present when Coryn retrieves The Ember Of Hoole and when Nyra attempts to assasinate him.

Wolves of the Beyond

For more information about Duncan, see Duncan MacDuncan - Wolves of the Beyond Wiki


  • Mate: Cathmor MacDuncan (deceased)
  • Son: Liam MacDuncan (deceased)

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