Duncan MacDuncan
Gray Wolf (Canis lupus)
Species: Dire wolf
Gender: Male
Cathmor MacDuncan
Liam MacDuncan
Book Appearances
Appears in: Lone Wolf, Shadow Wolf

Duncan MacDuncan was the leader of the MacDuncan clan of dire wolves in Beyond the Beyond. It is mentioned that he once had a dark gray coat, though it's turned almost white with age. He later dies of old age in the Wolves of the Beyond Series.


The Outcast

When Coryn arrives in The Beyond , he is accepted by Duncan into the clan.  There, he befriends a young gnaw wolf named Hamish , who later becomes his best friend and 501st Fengo.  The MacDuncans go to the MacHeath clan's territory, where they discover Nyra has been trying to recruit them for her cause.  He is presumably present when Coryn retrieves The Ember Of Hoole and when Nyra attempts to assasinate him.

Lone Wolf

Duncan MacDuncan is first seen at a meeting with the other chieftains. He, along with the other chaiftans, believes Faolan has the foaming mouth disease, and they go the Sark of the Slough for help with catching him.

Shadow Wolf

Heep is assigned to give Faolan a Gnaw Bite, as Faolan let a moose get away in a byrrgis. Heep refuses to do it, as he saw a print of Faolan's spiral mark left in the mud. Lord Claren flings Heep away, and he and Lord Bhreac take him to Duncan MacDuncan.

The old Chieftain wonders if Faolan has firesight. He then calls to Lord Adair to bring him the bone caved by Heep about the byrrgis.

After he has read the bone, he asks Faolan what he thinks about it. Faolan is at first surprised, as he hadn't been asked what he thought since he first came to the Beyond. He then replies that he is sorry he violated the order, and Duncan says he knows that, and he wants to know what he thinks about the quality of the carvings. Faolan finally says that he doesn't think it's very good. Dunbar then asks what he's going to do with him, and Faolan says he isn't a very good gnaw wolf. Duncan says that that is not the problem, and that he isn't a good clan wolf. Faolan replies, saying that he must leave because he isn't a good clan wolf. Duncan roars that it isn't his privilege, and that he makes the calls around here. He settles down, and asks Faolan in a hoarse whisper if he knows what a gaddergnaw is, and he shakes his head. Duncan explains what it is, and he says that this may be Faolan's chance, as he has it in him. Faolan is then led away.

While Faolan is on his trail of shame, he hears Alastrine's howl announcing that Duncan MacDuncan has passed away. Faolan thinks about how it is a bad time to die, as there were no signs of the Star Ladder.


  • Mate: Cathmor MacDuncan (deceased)
  • Son: Liam MacDuncan (deceased)

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