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The cover of Book 4 showing the Guardians using fire weapons

Fire weapons are among the most deadly in combat, as proven by the Band's daring rescue of Ezylryb in book three, The Rescue.

Almost any sort of branch can be used, from the smallest twig to the largest limb. Every owl has preferences. For example, Gylfie uses two small twigs. Twilight uses a well-seasoned oak branch. Soren uses a fir branch, the fine needles creating lots of sparks for defence. Digger, with his strong legs, uses a double fired branch, similar to a stave.

Fire claws are another type of fire weapons. They do massive damage to the enemy as well as your own talons. The tip of each claw is heated until it is glowing yellow hot. Thus, many Rogue smiths do not like making fire claws or coal claws, a variant that has a small coal embedded in the tip of each claw.

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