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Fleckasia and Other Disorders of the Gizzard was a book in the possession of the Guardians that delved into the complex science of higher magnetics. It also contained information on how owls became shattered by flecks. It was written by Strix Emerilla.

Otulissa read that "Flecks have a magical power to do something to your gizzard. It does something most terrible to your gizzard. If you stay in the force of the flecks, you will become shattered. To be shattered is to lose control of all your feelings. It means to make you lose all the care to everything you ever cared about. In other words, flecks can be used to control other owls."


Before the Books

Otulissa claimed that the book was written by her ancestor, Strix Emerilla.

The Siege

When the knowledge of higher magnetics was declared spronk (restricted), The Band and Otulissa decided to put the spronk to test by having Otulissa request Fleckasia and Other Disorders of the Gizzard from the library. When she did, Dewlap happened to be present and an argument commenced. It ended swiftly when Otulissa retorted, "Well, sprink on you spronk!" This curse made Dewlap faint on the spot.

Later, the chaw of chaws was given a mission to infiltrate St. Aegolius Academy for Orphaned Owls, and after the debriefing, Ezylryb gave Otulissa the book and agreed with her position of "sprink on spronk." Unfortunately Dewlap would personally give Otulissa a flint mop and confiscated the book despite Otulissa's protests. Being held back from meeting up with the Chaw of Chaws, who were departing for their mission, Otulissa fled from Dewlap and during the scuffle, the book fell into the Sea of Hoolemere. The fragments that washed up onto the shore were recovered by Ezylryb who did his best to restore the pages using his knowledge obtained from The Glauxian Brothers.

The Shattering

Soren found a fragment of a page from the book. He gave it to Otulissa to study it. One of the words she was able to make out was quadrant.

The Burning

Otulissa and Gylfie were sent to the Glauxian Brothers' Retreat to retrieve a new copy of the book as their part of the mission to the Northern Kingdoms.

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