Species: Northern Saw-whet Owl (Aegolius acadicus)
Gender: Male
Family and Relatives: N/A
Book Appearances
Appears in: The Golden Tree, Exile
Old friend of Ezylryb; elderly healer at the Great Ga'Hoole Tree
Fleemus appears in two books: The Golden Tree and Exile. He is the healer at the Great Ga'Hoole Tree. The odd thing though, is that in The Golden Tree, the text says that Fleemus is an elderly Northern Saw-whet Owl, or Aegolius acadicus, and in Exile, the books says the he is an elderly Long-Eared Owl, or Asio otus.


Before the Books

Fleemus was an old friend of Ezylryb's when Ezylryb was residing at the Glauxian Brother's retreat in the Northern Kingdoms. Later, after Ezylryb left, Fleemus eventually followed him to the great tree and took up residence as the tree's healer.

The Golden Tree

When Coryn and the band decided to leave the tree, they called a council meeting to decide on what to do with the Ember of Hoole. Fleemus, who was by then ancient, was one of the few voices of reason among the other council members. He brought up what Ezylryb would have thought of the arguments.

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