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Species: Eurasian Pygmy Owl (Glaucidium passerinum)
Gender: Male
Book Appearances
Appears in: Lost Tales of Ga'Hoole, The War of the Ember
Father of Fritha, and a kraal

Flinn is a male Eurasian Pygmy Owl, or Glaucidium passerinum. He is the father of Fritha, and a kraal. Unlike any other fellow kraals, Flinn was more interested in inventing. He invented the Vacuum-Assisted Transport, or the VAT.

The Burning

In his youth, Flinn knew about the great tree when Gylfie was brought as a captive. While Gylfie was rescued by Twilla, painted gold, Flinn didn't stop them from escaping. Later, when his daughter Fritha grew up, he sent her to the Great Ga'Hoole Tree for her own good. She visited him time to time.

The War of the Ember

After Fritha revealed the truth that her father was a kraal, the Guardians invited Flinn to guest lecture at the great tree about VAT. He also taught smaller seminars on kraal history and culture, including the arts of dye making and feather painting. Flinn was also invited to live in the Great Ga'Hoole Tree with his daughter after finishing his lectures.