"My Glaux! My Glaux! Save us!"

- Flint seeing Coryn disguised as a hagsfiend, The Outcast, page 49Flint was a young male Barn Owl, a Pure One.



The Outcast

Flint, along with two other owls, are young Pure Ones, waiting for Wortmore and Stryker to return. They are guarding stolen eggs, one of which is a Burrowing owl egg which Coryn wants to retrieve for it's family, who thought he was Nyra. He disguises himself as a hagsfiend with moss, and then he appears to Flint and the other owls, and they shriek with fright, thinking he is the hagsfiend for Nyra becasue his scar is still showing. Flint shrieks for Glaux to save them, and they flee as Coryn shakes off his moss disguise and takes the Burrowing owl egg back to the Barrens.

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