Fly Away With Me is a very popular song that originated in the Northern Kingdoms. It both originated and rose to popularity during the War of Ice Claws, and was made as an escape from the war and a prayer for peace. Originally sung by gadfeathers during the war's early years, it soon skyrocketed to popularity, having inspired many owls to take up the call for peace.


Fly away with me.

Give my loneliness a break.

Fly away with me, so my heart will stop its ache.

Rise into the night,

Fly away with me.

Fly with me till dawn,

Hollows we shall leave behind.

Fly with me till dawn, to places they’ll never find.

By the pale moonlight,

Fly with me till dawn.

Soar over this land,

In the night sky we’ll find glee.

Soar over this land, see the steam rise from the sea.

Soft winds do invite,

Soar over this land.

Fly away with me,

My love, don’t hesitate.

Fly away with me, for I can hardly wait.

Our hearts shall take flight,

Fly away with me.

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