"I cannot make this clear enough. We are losing!"
- General Andricus, The Rise of a Legend, page 175

General Andricus
Species: Barn Owl Tyto alba
Gender: Male
N/A .
Book Appearances
Appears in: The Rise of a Legend
General of the Kielian League
General Andricus, (formally called General Andricus Tyto Alba) was the general of the Kielian League while Ezylryb was training as a cadet. He is a barn owl, and only appeared in Guardians of Ga'hoole: The Rise of a Legend.


Lyze describes General Andricus as a "strikingly handsome owl". He has a large scar going diagonally aross his breast, caused by an ice splinter which was said to come within inches of his heart. He is also quite large for a barn owl.


Lyze first meets General Andricus Tyto Alba in chapter 18, scared that he and his friends are going to be punished for their attempt to save Orf. Instead, the General discusses what Lyze, Moss and the others plan to do for their summer holidays. General Andricus breaks the news that Lyze's parents have had another egg. While he's quite happy for Lyze, Lyze is somewhat dejected, not having finished grieving for Lysa. As the young owls are leaving, the General asks Lyze to meet with him when he comes back to share his "newfangled ways of fighting" with him.


Despite being general, General Andricus appears quite light-hearted at times, but can be strict when it is called for and knows how to administer the parliament. He's in good terms with Lyze of Keil, then a cadet, and appears thoughtful and open-minded about Lyze's proposition to use kielian snakes in combat, unlike the rest of the parliament, who scoffs at the idea.



  • It is said that General Andricus had the strength of an Eagle Owl
  • He's the only owl in the series who uses reading glasses, described as spectacles made of thin ice
  • He created Ezylryb's moniker Lyze of Kiel

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