General Kai was a Snowy Owl (Bubo scandiacus) from Dark Fowl Island in the Northern Kingdoms. He served in the Kielian League Army and fought in the War of the Ice Claws, becoming a general and commanding the garrison at Little Hoole in the last years of the war. Kai was a friend and old comrade of Strix Struma's father, Strix Hurth, and was put in charge of Strix Struma when she arrived. He became her guardian while she was at Little Hoole.

Military Career

Kai graduated from the Kielian Military Academy, as all officers of the Kielian League Army did, and served in the last few, quiet years of the War of the Ice Claws. He served alongside Strix Hurth and at some point was promoted to general and sent to Little Hoole.

Little Hoole

At Little Hoole, Kai was given command of the small garrison that protected the all-important positioning there. Little Hoole was one of the safest places at this time of the war and was a very easy command position to have at the time. It wasn't until an earthquake broke Ghareth's Keep that Little Hoole was attacked under Kai.

The Battle of Little Hoole

The Ice Talons soon learned of how the Keep had fallen and took their chance to take the position with a large force against the much smaller Little Hoole garrison. With only around 50 owls, Kai ordered the garrison to prepare for battle. He had his soldiers hold strategic defense positions during the battle that would give the advantage to his smaller force. During the battle, wave upon wave of Ice Talons' soldiers tried to enter the encampment and they finally broke through. Kai watched as his soldiers were being overrun and falling right out of the sky until the tide of battle changed when reinforcements arrived from the Firth of Fangs and won the battle for the Kielian League. Against all odds, some 50+ owls held out against close to a thousand of the enemy, led by Kai's leadership.

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