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Gragg, formally known as Gragg of Slonk, was a Kielian snake native to the Northern Kingdoms and was best known as the constant companion of Ifghar, the turnfeather brother of Lyze of Kiel. Gragg would do anything for a cup of bingle juice.


Before the Books

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The Burning

Gragg eventually came to end up at the Glauxian Brothers' Retreat along with Ifghar. They were tended by Twilla. The retired Kielan snake saw Otulissa and Gylfie and overheard them discussing strategies in defeating the Pure Ones. Also, he heard about a barn owl who was wearing Ifghar's brother's claws. Gragg came up with the idea to feed useful information to the Pure Ones in defeating the Guardians, hoping it'll gain them glory for himself and his master. He told of his idea to Ifghar and motivated him after calling him "his liege".

The Golden Tree

Gragg and Ifghar joined the remnants of the Pure Ones later. They convinced them that they could be useful because they know wars and about ice weapons.

The River of Wind

Gragg was put in charge of guarding a prisoner: an owlet named Bell, who was the daughter of Soren, and a blue owl named the Striga. Bell had an instant dislike for him, because the snake called her "seagull splat". Gragg was put into sleep from a special kind of bingle juice developed by an elf owl named Cuffyn, who helped the two prisoners escape.


Gragg had a slippery tongue, and he wasn't afraid to pick out the others' flaws.

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