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"I thought that, too, but Coryn told me that the legends are not mere legends. This book, the one they called the Book of Kreeth, was an ancient tome that had belonged to an arch hagsfiend. It was thought to have formulas and designs for all sorts of haggish inventions and creations. That is why the Guardians fought so hard in the Beyond, to keep it from Nyra and the Pure Ones, and why we helped them."

—Gyllbane, The War of the Ember, talking with Sveep about the Book of Kreeth

Minnesota Zoo
Species: Dire Wolf (Canis dirus)
Gender: Female
Son: Cody
Book Appearances
Appears in: The Outcast, The Golden Tree, The War of the Ember

Gyllbane is a cream she-wolf, and former member of the MacHeath clan. Her pup, Cody, was maimed by Dunleavy MacHeath, the second. She later was renamed as Namara. She hates Dunleavy MacHeath, and was one of the fine Namaras, chieftains of the MacNamara clan, of the clan.


The Outcast

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The Golden Tree

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The War of the Ember


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