"Everyone thinks that to have power is wonderful, but we know it isn't. We know it's a lonely existence. We are both outcasts."
- Hamish to Coryn, The Outcast, page 124

Species: Dire wolf
Gender: Male
Mother: Unnamed she-wolf
Book Appearances
Appears in: The Outcast, The Golden Tree, The War of the Ember, Lone Wolf, Shadow Wolf
501st Fengo
Hamish is from the MacDuncan clan, a wolf of the Sacred Watch, and is friends with Coryn. Hamish also has a twisted, lame leg. He becomes the 501st Fengo when Coryn returns the Ember Of Hoole. In the Wolves of the Beyond series, Hamish has been revealed to have died sometime after lone wolf and before shadow wolf.

In the Wolves of the Beyond series, it is revealed that his name is actually derived from hamycch, an ancient wolf word which means "to leap". Hamish was abandoned when an avalanche started, but a few days later he staggered into the camp even with his twisted leg deformity, apparantly having leapt the falling rocks.


The Outcast

Hamish is first introduced at a moose carcass. His first words to Coryn are, "I'm not used to this much meat. I mostly gnaw bones." Coryn replies with, "So I've heard." Hamish teaches Coryn about many things before becoming a gnaw wolf.

The Golden Tree

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The War of the Ember

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Lone Wolf

Hamish is mentioned by Shibaan. She says that she was the one who took him to his tummfraw. Despite his twisted leg, he managed to survive by leaping over the avalanches, which is why Duncan MacDuncan names him after the ancient wolf word hamycch, which means "to leap".


  • In The Outcast, Hamish mentions that his mother abandoned him, whilst in Lone Wolf, Shibaan mentions that she took him to his tummfraw.

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