The owls of the Great Ga'hoole Tree celebrate many holidays throuout the year. Some are old traditions. started in the owl kingdoms, and some are unique to the tree itself.

Egg Festival

This minor festival takes place on what we call the vernal equinox (March 20). Owls from all kingdoms celebrate the beginning of spring and the many eggs the season brings with it. Some owls put egg-shaped stones in the nest for good luck, and when the moon rises expectant parents hoot and screech with all the other owls in the tree.

Nimsy Night

This holiday takes place on the summer solstice (June 20). It is the shortest night of the year, and classes are cut short and owls have as much fun as possible, welcoming the steadily growing nights. The Tree is decorated with all things green, some of the owls donning green as well. Owls also harvest herbs to be dries, and have a feast. The owls of the tree traditionally have a "snake bake", feasting on their version of escargot.

Moon Festival

This festival takes place on the eighth full moon of the year, when it's said to be its brightest. (In 2016, this will be on August 18.) The owls tell a legend; There was once three moons in the sky, and an aging owl, Vilis, envied the youth and speed of younger owls. Vilis went to a magical spider, Zuzanna, who gave him an elixir that gave him the strength of a thousand owls. He flew up to the moons and plunged two into the sea to pay back Zuzanna, making the night dark. However, his mate, Ilona, grew jealous of his strength, and drank some of the elixir, and ended up stuck on the moon. Zuzanna granted Vilis the privlige to visit his mate once a year, and on this night the moon shines the brightest.

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