Honeyvox was a pride-filled Tropical Screech Owl, (Megascops choliba), who had a talent for singing. He was fond of bingle juice and the only owl known in history to challenge the Plonks' talent.


A Guide Book to the Great Tree

Honeyvox came to the great tree during a harsh weather. He would boast of his singing to other species of birds and consider his voice superior above the current Plonk singer, Sir Lucien Plonk. Honeyvox sang in place of him sometimes.

Honeyvox secretly wants to take the great grass harp with him.So he tried to talk Lucien with a deal to buy the harp, which failed. But Honeyvox changed his mind when he realized only nest-maids could play it. So he decided to stay with the harp at the great tee and become its resident singer. Only one thing, there can't be two resident singers.

Honeyvox came up with a plan to use bloodroot; in high doses, bloodroot could mute a bird's voice. Honeyvox then invited Sir Lucien over for a drink, with one of the cups tainted with bloodroot. Sir Lucien did drink it. After he left, Honeyvox drank a cup of bingle juice for courage.

Honeyvox is surprised to find Sir Lucien's voice not mute and that he could not speak a word out of his own beak. It turned out Honeyox accidentally drank out of Sir Lucien's cup and was affected. Sir Lucien wasn't affected because he was a large owl. After Honeyvox's scheme was found out, the Guardians sent him away to the Glauxian Brothers' Retreat instead of being sent to the wild.


At Honeyvox's final moment, he was able to hear the voice of Sir Lucien and the harp one more time before his death.

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