Hrath'ghar Glacier

Hrath'ghar Glacier is an ice mass that lies north of the Everwinter Sea. It was at one point the stronghold of the H'rathians, owls who swore fealty directly to the High King of the N'yrthgar.

The War Of The Ember

Sveep, a polar bear, or ursus maritimus had passed the outer apron of the Hrath'ghar Glacier before Coryn had requested that she attempt to gather any troops in preperation for the war, telling her that the war will not only affect the owls, but everything and everyone in the Northern and Southern kingdoms. She agreed, and had already recruited non pregnant female polar bears and proceeded to recruit Svarr, her mate.

Later, Namara MacNamara left the eastern shore of the Hrath'ghar glacier as she lead a slink melf of two dozen other of the MacNamara wolves in an assassination attempt to destroy the hagsfiend eggs of Nyra, under the command of Coryn.

Spirit Wolf

The Hrath'ghar glacier, having been locked in place for centuries, plowed through the Beyond, devastating everything in its path and killing anything in its way.

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