Jouzhen is the language spoken in the Middle Kingdoms. It is said (by readers) to be like the language Mandarin, a language spoken most often by the Others (humans).


Jouzhen; The language of the Middle Kingdom

Jouzhenkyn; The Middle Kingdom

Zhong Phong; The river of wind that connects the Hoolian World to Jouzhenkyn

Hee Naow; Hello

Pheng Gwuil; Honored Guest

Jouzho; Middle

Guanjgo-Noh; The Sea of Vastness - The Unnamed Sea

Zan Li; Stranger

Qui Dong; The Knower and Keeper Of The Pearl Gates

Dong; Knower

Qui; Not easily translated, closest description is 'energy of the mind and body combined

Jing Jangs; Hail Cusps

Strezhing; Hailing From, Hail From

'Shing Zao; We

Danyar; The Way of Noble Gentleness

Pikyu; Guide, Owls who are educated in the ways of Danyar and are teachers at the Owlry. The tops of their head are completely bald except for one feather, called the 'Ya Ni Ni'.

Ya Ni Ni; The feather that sticks out at the top of a pikyu's bald head. It is said that zi fields originate from that particular feather.

Phonqua; Not easily translated, best described as the the destiny and fate of all, easily tipped oone way or the other. Influenced by the past and the actions of all and one.The Phonqua can be chanced as consequence to one's past actions. It is almost 'karma'. Those who believe in Phonqua lead a simple life in hopes of repaying a debt and redeeming themselves. Redeeming themselves from what, it is not known.

Wind Bong; Last Shriek Of Mighty Wind - the last big gush of wing, like the last part of the storm before the sun returns.

Kyre Of Glaux; The Many Faces of Glaux

H'ryth; Stemming from the Krakish word meaning 'the innermost part of the gizzard', it means the one of all wisdom and all knowing. The first H'ryth is said to be Theo, the inventor of battle claws.

Zong Qui; 'The Breath of Qui', a cry which expands an owl's lungs and pepares the owl to strike with all power and every fibre of it's body with lightning speed. Zi Phan; The Talon Like The Spiked Flower - a fightning move that is usually leathal.

Zi Field; The field of energy powered by the mind and body, a region of power and control. All creatures possess it - some good, some bad.

Zi Kyuan Mu; A battle move in which an owl flies into and knocks another temporarily senseless without killing them with lightning speed.

Danyks; The owls of the Owlry, practicers of the way of Danyar.

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