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Kraals on the Japanese version of The Burning

Kraals are a group of owls that roam the Northern Kingdoms pillaging and looting anything and anyone. They are essentially pirate owls well known for painting their feathers in the most outlandish colours possible.


The Coming of Hoole

The kraals were briefly mentioned in rumors heard by Siv.

To Be a King

The first chronlogical mentioning of kraals was during the time of the legends of Ga'Hoole. They were originally gadfeathers but became obsessed with stealing and renamed themselves kraals, a name originating from the old Krakish word kraalynk, which meant to attack for treasure.

The Burning


Vlink and Phlinx bowing before Twilla, the cover of The Burning in Japanese

In the Burning, coming back from the Northern Kingdoms, Gylfie is captured by Kraals. She is taken to their lair on the H'rathghar Glacier, where Ifghar comes to question her about the Guardians and Pure Ones, hoping to take valuable information to the Pure Ones and join their ranks. Ifghar says that if she does not comply, she will be fed to the wolves, who will thank the kraals by telling them where the golden siedge berries grow. Twilla, Ifghar's assistant from the Glauxian Brothers Retreat, overhears Ifghar interrogating Gylfie and tries to figure out how to free her. Gylfie is tied up by the kraals. While the other kraals go out on a raid, Gylfie is left under the supervision of two guards, Vlink and Phlinx. Vlink and Phlinx speak in an odd Krakish dialect, somewhat similar to stereotypical pirate speak. Twilla dyes herself in a dye made from golden siedge barries, long sought after by the kraals, and flies to their lair. Vlink and Phlinx think Twilla is Glaux, which she goes along with, claiming she has come to "anoint" them. She sends them off to find the golden berries, and frees Gylfie with one of the pirates' ice splinters. However, before they can leave a band of kraals starts flying back. Thinking fast, Gylfie and Twilla tilt the mirrors set up by the cave entrance to reflect the sun into the kraals' eyes, blinding them.

The War of the Ember

Several kraals had been recruited to help battle against the Pure Ones. The kraals were moved by Madame Brunwella Plonk's voice.

Known Kraals

  • Vlink - a Snowy Owl
  • Phlinx - a Snowy Owl
  • Flinn - a Pygmy Owl who invented the idea of VAT
  • Freya - Flinn's mate
  • Drusilla - a Screech Owl who is half a moon older than Fritha and often engaged in battles

Former Kraals

  • Fritha - daughter of Flinn and a Guardian of Ga'Hoole. She makes yearly visits to the kraals' lair to meet her father.

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