Kratean is a dead language once used in the Northern Kingdoms, used in the ancient Northern Prophecies. It is only ever mentioned in Lost Tales of Ga'hoole, in the story Cleve's Sorrow. Cleve and his brother Claymore hear their da's nursemaid, Old Pan, mumbling a phrase in Kratean after Clay complains of his rigorous training. Old Pan repeats the phrase;

"Iso Veikko tahto olla prinssi joka on lupaus."

which roughly translates to

"The big brother shall be the Prince Who Is Promised."

Clay goes to the Glauxian Brothers' Retreat to try and translate it, learning about Kratean. Clay assumes that the prophecy is referring to himself, since he is the oldest brother, when in fact it was referring to Cleve, who is larger then Clay in size.


iso veikko: big brother

tahto olla: will be/shall be

prinssi: the prince

joka on lupaus: which is promised

kiista: can mean either strife or illness


  • A dead language is a language that is no longer spoken, only written, such as Latin.
  • Kratean is more than likely derived from the Uralic language Finnish, since it contains words directly from the Finnish language.

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