Lady Helling
Species: Northern Hawk Owl
Gender: Female
Mate: Sir Garthnore
Book Appearances
Appears in: To Be a King
Mate of Sir Garthnore, ally to Hoole

Lady Helling was a Northern Hawk Owl, the mate of Sir Garthnore, an ally of Hoole, and a member of his war cabinet.


To Be a King

Lady Helling is one of the eleven owls present at the parliament meeting that Hoole calls. While the others ask where power comes from if not the the ember, Hoole states that magic is not a justifiable reason for power. Lady Helling agrees with the young king that magic is not reason, and asks why they should question it with reason.


  • She and her mate, Sir Garthnore, are one of the few cross-species pairs in the book series, the other being Pleek and Ygryk.