Prior to the theatrical release of Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'hoole, Warner Bros. released an app for phones and tablets based on the movie. The app largely advertises the movie, but also comes with a 3D storybook, colouring pages, a game and a summary of the movie. It was released on the App Store on Sept 16, 2010. The app comes with translations in American English, British English, French, Dutch, Spanish, German, Italian, and Japanese.

It is available on the App Store.



The app includes a digital storybook, summarizing the events of the movie on several pages. There is a feature that allows you to record yourself reading each page, and listen to it back while reading.


Three different blank coloring pages are available for you to color in with an array of simple colors. You're able to save your drawings in your photos.

Bouncing Owlets

There is a simple game on the app where you control a leaf that slides on the bottom on the screen, and you have to use it as a trampoline to bounce falling owlets into nests and tree hollows. Falling pinecones damage your leaf, making it smaller, but never fully destroy it. If you let an owlet fall, Soren swoops in and saves it.


The app offers a summary and some information about the movie.


  • In the British English version, the word color is still spelt in American English.
  • Sea of Hoolemere is misspelt as Sea of Hoole'mere in the story book.


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