Lesser Sooty Owl
Lesser Sooty Owl
Common Name: Lesser Sooty Owl
Scientific Name: Tyto multipunctata
Black or dark grey coloured (often speckled with white) with dark grey faces, heart shaped faces, grey, white speckled chests, and dark black eyes.
Native to the Forest Kingdom of Tyto. Often inhabit trees.
Please note that this information is taken from the series and may not be factual.
Lesser Sooty Owls, also known as Tyto mulitpunctata, are a species of Sooty Owl. They have heart-shaped faces and are distinctively darker then other owls of the Tyto species. To the Pure Ones, Lesser Sooties are the most impure Tytos of all, and are usually given offensive names, such as 'Ashy-Face', or 'Smutty'.


Lesser Sooties are smaller than the closely related Greater Sooty Owl, Tyto tenebricosa. There a significent difference; Greater Sooties are slightly bigger. Both kinds of Sooties are often referred to as 'Black Owls' ebcause of their dark feathers.

Females are 37 centimetres (15 inches) tall, five centimetres larger then the males, 33 centimetres tall (13 inches). Their diet consists of small marsupials, bandicoots, rodents, small birds, bats and insects.


The Hatchling

Smutty is a Lesser Sooty Owl and a Pure One, but is being held prisoner by the Pure Ones simply for showing fear during the battle of the burning. Lesser Sooties are noted to be given the worst of punishments.


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