Lichen-eaters are rangiferin telemetacarpal deer living in Beyond the Beyond, sometimes hunted by dire wolves. They are smaller, similar-looking relatives of caribou and are often seen grazing alongside snow hares. According to dire wolves, lichen-eater meat is supposed to be very tasty, tastier than hares.

With their antlers, lichen-eaters appear nearly identical to caribou but are smaller and seem to have a taste for lichen as much as for the grasses that caribou usually feed on.

They travel in either larger or small herds - sometimes a single adult buck and his harem and offspring. As a sign intimidation, they paw the ground. Lichen-eaters are generally fleet and small of build, but some bucks can be larger than normal. They can also dip and raise their immense racks of antlers as a sign of intimidation, just like their caribou relatives, often preceding territorial conflicts or mating battles among male members of a herd. On certain occasions will lichen-eaters use this aggression display in confrontation with predators.

Ever since the time of the Great Mending, the status of lichen-eaters is unknown.

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