Lord Rathnik
Species: Spotted Owl (Strix occidentalis)
Gender: Male
' Ivar (nephew)
Book Appearances
Appears in: The Coming of Hoole, To Be a King
Officer of the Ice Regiment; member of the Great Tree’s parliament.
 Lord Rathnik was a male Spotted Owl or Strix occidentalis, and an officer of the Ice Regiment and a member of the Great Tree’s parliament. Lord Rathnik was killed in the Battle of the Short Light and the Long Night by Kreeth's Half-hags.


The Coming of Hoole

He is first mentioned flying at the side of Queen Siv with Joss at the other side, making her fly easier. When they arrived to the Beyond, he fought in the battle and at the end of it, he appointed Hoole a knight of the H'rathian Guard of the Ice Regiment.

To Be a King

After the Great Tree was founded, He becomes a member of the parliament.

Is first mentioned in the book participating in a parliament discussion with Hoole, Phineas, Theo and others from the H'rathian Guard, talking about the Ember.

He fought in the Battle of the Short Light and Long Night, in what he was killed.

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