The MacHeaths are one of the many dire wolf clans. This clan is known for its brutality and the treatment of members of the packs, she-wolves in particular.

Practices and Society

Maiming Pups

The MacHeaths are known for maiming pups, trying to get into the Sacred Watch.

The "Pit"

They also put disobedient pups in a deep stone canyon called "The Pit." The "Pit" also has a rabid wolf called Old Cags, and the pups who return come back moon-blinked.



Clan Members

  • Malan
  • Fretta
  • Blyden
  • Andreen
  • Aliah
  • Donaidh
  • Kyran
  • Ingliss
  • Pegeen

Defected Members

  • Edme
  • Gyllbane (renamed herself Namara)
  • Airmead
  • Akira
  • Katria


Before the Books

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Guardians of Ga'Hoole series

The Outcast

Nyra, the new leader of the Pure Ones, needed the assistance of dire wolves, So she got some paintings of the Others' green eyes, as a dire wolf's eye is green. She delivered them to the MacHeaths as a rogue smith. When she later revealed her true identity, Nyra claimed to the clan and their leader, Dunleavy, they were actually the chosen wolves of the sacred watch, not the MacDuncans. In exchange for the Ember, the owl kingdoms, and Coryn, the MacHeaths were promised to have control over the Sacred Rings.

The Golden Tree

After the failed deal with Nyra, Dunleavy became insane and left for a while. Later, he returned as a vyrwolf, along with his mate. Several MacHeaths were killed for defying him. The rest joined him, and some became vyrwolves themselves.

Wolves of the Beyond series

Shadow Wolf

It was revealed when Hamish became the Fengo, he worked with the gaddernock to change the laws to allow other wolf clan members to become part of the Watch, including the MacHeaths.

Watch Wolf

The MacHeath chieftain, Dunbar MacHeath, nearly caused a war with the Watch wolves and the bears. But Toby, the cubnapped grizzly, is rescued by Faolan and Edme and they stop the war. Dunbar was killed by Edme, finishing the scar her mother gave him before dying. After this the Fengo, Finbar, annouced the MacHeaths were no longer a clan but outclanners, the savage wolves who lived in the Outermost. The MacNamaras then chased them out.