The MacNamaras are a clan of she-wolves. They are the only clan for female wolves. The first MacNamara was Hordweard. Hordweard started the clan when she renounced her place in the MacHeaths and changed her name to Namara. The group's leader is called the Namara. The clan especially welcomes any she-wolves that come seeking refuge or escaping from the MacHeaths.


The Namaras


The Coming of Hoole

Hordweard confronted the leader of the MacHeaths, Dunleavy MacHeath. She declared her name to be Namara and belongs to the clan of herself. Namara then killed the MacHeath leader.

To Be a King

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The War of the Ember

The Polar bear, Sveep, heads out of the Northern Kingdoms to visit her friend Namara in the MacNamara Clan. She is Escorted there by Blair and Crannog, two MacNamara wolves. Then after she heard about the plots of Nyra and The Striga, Namara howls summoning all of her clan and other clans to join a byggris.

Later, Coryn sends the MacNamara wolves to the Ice Talons, where they destroy the Hagsfiend eggs and the Dragon Owls that brooding them. After they return to the Beyond, Namara assure Coryn that all the eggs were destoyed.

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