Marduk was a male Great Gray Owl member of the Ga'Hoolology Chaw in a time a few centuries before Soren.

During one particularly damp period during the Golden Rain, The Great Ga'Hoole Tree was falling ill from Blackfire Mushrooms. The whole Ga'Hoolology chaw set out to find a sort of cure. The team split up in three smaller teams of two, with Marduk joining the head of the chaw, Isolde the female Burrowing Owl, to travel to Ambala to speak with the Bald Eagles, who always seemed to know the latest happenings in the entire kingdom.

In the Forest of Ambala, the eagles reported to Isolde and Marduk that several stands of trees in Ambala had been killed in the last year by a yet unknown malady. It was now clear, black fire was back in the Southern Kingdoms. After the whole chaw met up again, they headed for the Dark Sisters to get the correct cure: Lyssop.

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