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Moon blinked owl

Moon blinking is when an owl is forced to sleep beneath the shine of the full moon, which destroys the owl's free will. It is only dangerous when the owl is forced to sleep, while flying or walking under the full shine does not harm the owl at all. If the owl repeats certain information (such as its name) over and over again while doing this, the owl will forget that piece of information. Moon blinking can be resisted by thinking of things that are good and pure such as the legends of Ga'Hoole. Moon scalding is much more powerful, and much harder to resist. Some even say it is impossible, but one way to resist it is by thinking of the legends of Ga'Hoole, whose goodness and purity are enough to block any evil force.

Known Moon-blinked Owls


An image of Pete, before and after he has been moon blinked.


  • Although moon blinking and moon scalding do not exist in real life, it has been a myth that sleeping under the full moon can make you insane. In fact, the root word of lunacy is lunar.
  • There is a condition called nyctalopia, also known as moon blink, which is the inability to see in the darkness.

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