"It's the fyngrot!"...He could feel his muscles locking. He began to stagger in flight...

- Description of fyngrot, one form of nachtmagen

Nachtmagen is an evil form of magic that Hagsfiends have access to, and use in a variety of forms.

It was used by the hagsfiends even since the time of The Legends of Ga'Hoole, and was declared a plague to the world since them.

Many Nachtmagen spells involve dark rituals that need many sinister objects to occur, like the cinders of dead owls. 

Known Types


One of the most known types of Nachtmagen, the fyngrot is used in battle to paralyze and hypnotize foes. Most creatures cannot easily resist this spell without external aid.

Exceptions include Queen Siv, her son Hoole, and the wolves from Beyond the Beyond.

Species Mixing

Powerful hagsfiends such as Kreeth can use their powers to create new, hybrid species of birds from unborn eggs, with Lutta and the Puffowl as notable examples.

Entering Dreams

Using chants and potions, Kreeth was able to enter Hoole's dream while sleeping.


Some hagsfiends from the past, such as Ygryk, could shapeshift into owls using a temporary spell.