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Namara MacNamara
Species: Dire wolf
Gender: Female




Dunleavy MacHeath (Formerly)


Book Appearances
Appears in: The Coming of Hoole, To Be a King
Formally of the MacHeath clan, seceded and formed the MacNamara clan

Namara MacNamara was once known as Hordweard, a female dire wolf who was formerly a member of the MacHeath clan and mate to the abusive Dunleavy MacHeath during the time of the legends of Ga'Hoole. She is famous for renaming herself Namara, after her mother, and founding the MacNamara Clan.


Before the Books

Hordweard MacHeath was the first mate of Dunleavy MacHeath and the wisest.

The Coming of Hoole

To Be a King

Hordweard Society

In the present, there is a secret oraganization called the Hordweard Society in the MacHeath clan. These die out for generations and resurface again. The she-wolves of this society bravely escape from the MacHeaths like the original Namara did. Usually, only a few are able to survive.

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