Navigation orb

The navigation chaw is a chaw which was orignally taught by Strix Struma until her death. Sometime between the books 6-8, Gylfie became head of the navigation chaw.

Owls in navigation often trace constellations in the sky. Students in the navigation chaw have to remember constellations and relate it to different land locations at different times of the year. An owl is chosen for this chaw if they find ten nooties (fictional acorns) in the shape of a constellation in their bedding.


An impressive map of Ga'hoolian constellations from the movie.

Known Navigators


  • The Golden Talons
  • The Little Raccoon
  • The Big Raccon/Dancing Raccoon
  • The Great Crow
  • The Eye of Glaux
  • The Whale's Fin

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