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The Northern Kingdoms (also known as the N'yrthghar) are the northern lands of the world of owls. The Northern Kingdoms as a whole are considered to be one of the six kingdoms of owls.


The First Collier

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The Coming of Hoole

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To Be A King

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War of the Ice Claws

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The Rescue

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The Burning

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The River of Wind

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The War of the Ember

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Northern Kingdoms(BW)



The Northern Kingdoms are specifically colder than the other kingdoms. In each book in which it was shown, it was covered in thick layers of snow and ice, except for some specific locations.

Notable Locations

  • Ice Narrows
  • Ice Dagger
  • Elsemere Island
  • The Tridents
  • Dark Fowl Island
  • Everwinter Sea
  • The Ice Cliff Palace
  • Hrath'gar Mountains
  • Pirates Lair
  • Glauxian Brothers and Sisters Retreat


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