Nut beam

Nut Beam is a male Australian Masked Owl , or Tyto novaehollandiae. He is a member of the weather interpretation chaw, and was rescued from the Great Downing. He and his friend Silver, being young owlets, were always bragging about their relatives, much to the annoyance of Otulissa.

The Rescue

He and Silver are with the Weather Chaw captained by Poot(cause the disappereance of Ezylryb). The Chaw must find refuge in The Spirit Woods thanks to a hurricane. He and Nut Beam dislike the idea of staying there cause they are afraid of scrooms.

The Burning

Nut Beam -among with Silver and Percy- is sent in a mission before the Battle of Fire and Ice to put owlipoppen for the Operation Double Cross. Then, in the Battle he and Silver had sustained injuires, and are helped by the Gluaxspeed units.

The War of the Ember

Silver and Nut Beam (along with Martin, Primrose and Clover) are named by Coryn as the leaders of the corps of messengers, also known as the Joss Corps or the Jossian Messengers. He was sent to the Ice Dagger. He also told Moss that Coryn was on his way to see him, and he delivered a message to the King from Otulissa.

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