Species: Kielian Snake
Gender: Female
Unnamed ..
Book Appearances
Appears in: Book Appearances
Octavia is a Kielian nest-maid snake at the Great Ga'Hoole Tree who serves both Madame Plonk and Ezylryb. (Also known as Brigid)


Before the Books

Octavia was in the War of the Ice Claws and fought side by side with Lyze of Kiel and his mate, Lil. Also, she was the one who suggested Thora to go to the Dark Fowl Island and introduced Orf the blackmith to her. Near the end of the war, Octavia lost her eyes after they were plucked out by an enemy Great Gray Owl. She and Lyze then retreated to the Glauxian Brothers' retreat and spent some time of silence there. Later, she and Lyze flew to the Great Tree and suggested her master to hang up his battle claws.

The Journey

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The Rescue

Octavia told the chaw of chaws about her relationship and early life with Ezylryb, as they had always suspected she knew something about him they did not.

The Coming of Hoole

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The Golden Tree

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The War of the Ember

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