Species: Unknown, possibly Long-eared Owl (Asio otus)
Gender: Male
Family and Relatives: Jatt and Jutt (cousins)
Book Appearances
Appears in: The Capture
Part of St. Aggies patrol; killed by Grimble

Ork was a male owl with an unknown species who was part of a snatching patrol at St. Aegolius Academy for Orphaned Owls.


Ork's specific owl species was not shown, as he was only mentioned once by Grimble in The Capture when he was explaining his backstory to Soren and Gylfie when they found out he wasn't fully moon blinked. It was not shown how Ork even got into St. Aggies or anything else about him either, except the things that was told in Grimble's story. However, it did show that Ork was a cousin of Jatt and Jutt, so it can be presumed that he was a long-eared owl.


Before the Books

In The Capture, Ork was mentioned in Grimble's backstory. It was revealed that when Grimble and his mate were out hunting, a St. Aggie's patrol was snatching his favorite child, Bess. When he got back, he witnessed that it was Ork who had Bess in his talons. Enraged by this, Grimble killed him. When Skench and Spoorn witnessed this, they were utterly impressed, because he managed to kill him with no battle claws. The other owls shrunk back from him and Skench and Spoorn flew in, and they were thrilled that Ork has been killed. It was explained that the previous leader of St. Aggies died and Skench and Ork both wanted to be the new leader of St. Aggies. This lead to a fight between the two.


Ork was considered very dangerous to the other owls, as Grimble described him, but the fact didn't seem to stop Grimble from killing him for attempting to snatch Bess. 

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