For a more extensive glossary on owl terminology, see Owl Glossary

In the Guardians of Ga'Hoole series, the owls use some unique vocabulary, which will be described here.

General Terms

Yarp: To cough up a pellet.

Wet poopers: A derogatory term for birds other than owls, who do not process waste in pellets, but in a less cleanly manner.

To go yeep: For an owl to be extremely shocked or frightened while flying, causing their wings to lock in place and make them plummet to the ground.

Yoicks: Crazy or mad. Often used in the context "You've gone stark raving yoicks!" or "That is driving me yoicks!"

Gleeking about: Fooling around; not being serious.

Glaumora: A special heaven for owls.

Hagsmire: The owl term for hell.

"The Yonder:" The term used by nest-maid snakes to refer to the sky, as it is the farthest thing from the ground that they can imagine.

Scroom: The spirit of a dead owl, similar to a ghost.

Slipgizzle: A spy, or someone who gathers information and reports it to another group.

Turnfeather: A double agent. (A variation is turnscale, which refers to a traitorous snake)

Flivling: Flirting.

Wilfing: When an owl's feathers shrink down, due to fear, or shock, and make the owl appear much smaller.


Great Glaux: An exclamation of shock or disbelief. Similar to "My God!"

Racdrops: Short for raccoon droppings; a vulgar term used to express frustration.

Frinks: A very rude word showing frustration at a person, object, or event, usually used in the context: "That really frinks me off!"

Sprink: The worst of all the curse words; has only been used three times, two of which by Otulissa in The Siege, and a third by Ezylryb.

Great Ga'Hoole Tree Terms

Ryb: A teacher.

Chaw: A group of owls taught by a ryb in a certain area of study.

Tapping: The process of owls new to the Tree being selected for certain chaws.

Chaw-chopped: To be taken out of one's chaw for an indefinite period of time as a punishment.

Flint mop: A punishment for causing trouble, similar to school detentions. Used because flint is very valuble and Ga'Hoollian owls have no real word for punishment.

Spronk: Forbidden knowledge.

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