Philma was a female Great Horned Owl and the mother of Theo, Shadyk and Pye. She was the mate of Hakon and later Wyg after her first mate was killed by a hagsfiend.


Before the Books

Philma once lived with a male named Hakon who abused her and her three owlets, which led to her daughter, Pye to flee the hollow and become a gadfeather. Some time later her youngest son, Shadyk, left the hollow with her mate, who would later be killed by his own son in war.

To Be a King

When Theo returned to his hollow, he was shocked to hear his mother laughing and saying, "By my butt feathers, that's the funniest thing I've ever heard," as he had never heard her laugh or speak coarsely. She explained to him that his father, Hakon, was killed in the war and his older brother had gone crazy. Later she led Theo to the ice palace to meet his brother.

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