Phineas is a Pygmy Owl Glaucidium californicum, friend of Hoole and an owl of great pluck.


The Coming of Hoole

Hoole met Phineas on the island in the middle of the Bitter Sea which had been his home ever since his birth. To Hoole, meeting another owl was a major experince since he had only known three other owls in his short life: Grank, Theo and Brother Berwyck. Phineas had been tossed up by tornadoes in the Southern Kingdoms, sucked up the Ice Narrows and nearly blew into a hagsfiend before arriving on the island. After being flabbergasted by Hoole's questions, Hoole invited Phineas back to his hollow that he shared with Grank. When Hoole and Phineas arrived back at the hollow, Hoole asked Grank and Theo if they could keep Phineas. After this statement, the three older owls laughed and Grank explained to Hoole that owls were not meant to keep living things. Then Phineas follows Hoole and the others in the journey to the Beyond. During his permanence there, he share a niche in the Fengo's cave with Hoole, and learn by him how to catch coals. After the battle against Lord Arrin, Phineas go to the Great Tree with his friends.

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